Corporate Social Responsibility

Kiezebrink works with an active CSR policy. Our important core values ​​are:

Sustainable products:

Prey from waste flows:

  • Not required for production: Day-old chicks and young bucks.
  • Used for genetic research: Chickens with feathers.

Sustainable choices in raw materials:

  • DK Zoological: Only certified soya, no palm oil, using insects as a source of protein.
  • Insects as a source of animal protein in our raw food.

Sustainably caught fish: 

We are MSC-certified. Look for products with the MSC-label.

Green energy:

  • Heat recovery: we use the heat generated by our freezers' engines.
  • Solar panels: with 774 solar panels on our buildings, we generate a lot of green energy.
  • Smart electricity meters: to monitor our usage and provide insight into areas of improvement.

Transport: By using our own trucks and planning efficiently, we organise our transport in the best way possible.

Sponsor of EAZA: By sponsoring the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria, we support causes such as conservation projects.

Social responsibility: We offer equal opportunities to all our employees and we support employees with a disadvantage in the labour market.

Active sponsorship policy: We take an active role in the sponsoring of events and projects, both of a commercial and a social nature.

Partner of Save the Rhino: This charity is committed to the conservation of the rhinoceros. This species is seriously threatened by poaching.

Transparency: We are honest and open about the products we sell as to sustainability, animal welfare, and the composition of our products.

Product responsibility: Our nutritionists work with universities and veterinarians to continuously improve our range of responsible products.

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