Corporate Social Responsibility

Kiezebrink works with an active CSR policy. Our important core values ​​are:

  1. Sustainability: Our core activity is to convert partly unused and underused raw materials into valuable products.
  2. Product responsibility: In collaboration with universities and veterinarians, we conduct research and continuously work on improvements to produce responsible products.
  3. Animal welfare: Animal welfare plays a major role in everything we do. For example, we have developed our own humane system for the stunning and killing of day-old chicks.
  4. Social Responsibility: Our employees make our company what it is. That is why we ensure good working conditions and a positive working environment. Equal opportunities are also important to us. We offer job opportunities to people who might not be able to find work in other industries.
  5. Environment: Within the production process, we invest in environmentally friendly techniques, water recirculation, smart electricity meters, solar panels and green electricity.
  6.  Active sponsorship policy: We pursue an active sponsorship policy in the commercial and social field. We regularly sponsor conferences, lectures and meetings within the animal industry. We also support various events and initiatives locally.
  7. Transparency; we are honest and open about the products we sell. We strive to accurately depict our products’ performance as to sustainability and animal welfare. We also provide highly detailed information on the products’ composition.