Kiezebrink is a European operated one-stop-shop for zoos with a wide variety of high-quality products and brands. As a result, zoos can obtain a large part of their animal feed from one supplier. This makes the management of animal nutrition efficient and keeps it simple. We have a wide choice in both frozen products and dry feeds. We want to profile ourselves as the ideal partner in the field of animal nutrition for zoos, and we are happy to help our customers solve food-related issues.

As a member of the EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria), we are closely involved with zoos and aware of the latest developments in exotic animal nutrition and husbandry (

We would like to refer customers from United Kingdom to our UK branch: Kiezebrink UK ltd. Kiezebrink UK is active in the UK market, as a leading supplier of food for exotic animals and frozen products for dogs and cats. For more information please visit:


Service and advice are our focus, which is why we have added a new section to our website: the zoodatabase. In this database, you will find information on the diets of many different animals. Here, we not only give advice on the products in our range but also on the rest of the diet and provide information on natural diets and, for example, common diseases.

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Our range

Our aim is to supply a varied and relevant range of animal foods, which is why we work with many manufacturers and are constantly working on product development.

With an extensive range of products, we offer many diverse diet options for carnivorous animals, such as whole prey items, meat, fish and insects. In addition, we also offer frozen tropical fruit and browse for other types of animals.

We work closely with various dry food producers from around the world. As a result, we are able to supply a diverse range of products for herbivores, omnivores, insectivores and primates.Under our own brand DK Zoological, we develop dry feeds in response to food-related issues raised by the market and signals received from our customers. We work closely with zoos, veterinarians and universities to develop these diets. Since 2019, in addition to developing the products, we also produce a number of the DK Zoological products ourselves.

Sustainability is one of our core values. We also consider this aspect when selecting products for our range. We have been officially MSC certified since early 2019. This means that we are allowed to sell fish with the MSC quality mark, of which we have a number of species in our range. In addition, we are always looking for sustainable raw materials. For example, we source insects as a valuable raw material for our insectivore and omnivore diets as well as adding it as a sustainable protein source to our raw dog and cat foods.

If you can’t find a certain product, please contact us. We’ll help you look for a suitable alternative or investigate how to source the desired product.


Our brands

Behind the scenes

In 2017, we expanded our operations to a new purpose-built facility at Hoge Eng Oost 50 in Putten. This new facility houses a 700 m2 freezer and the top floor is a dedicated dry food storage area. This expansion enables us to keep more products in stock and thus offer a better and more reliable service to customers. Orders are prepared in the warehouse, with the unique possibility of combining frozen and dry food products. This allows customers to mix and match their orders very efficiently. The loading docks make it easy for us to load and unload our refrigerated trucks, with constant monitoring of the quality and temperature of products.