Team Kiezebrink 

Kiezebrink’s enthusiastic team is happy to be of service, both in the foreground and behind the scenes. Let us know what we can do for you!


Jannicke Kiezebrink

Director Operations

We value both our customers’ satisfaction and that of our employees. A pleasant atmosphere and collaboration are very important to us!

Martijn den Blijker

Director Kiezebrink Rodents

That our products are sold worldwide is a great source of joy. Every member of our company has helped to contribute to this achievement.

Michiel Derks

Director Petfood & Zoos

At Kiezebrink we constantly challenge each other to continue improving in the broadest sense of the word!


Eddy van Donkersgoed

Manager Operations

It’s a challenge to ensure our work is completed each day, to the level of quality our customers expect of us.

Marieke Post

Manager R&D & QA

To me the greatest challenges are the development of innovative products and the constant drive to improve the quality of our company!

Mark Roordink

Manager Logistics & Facilities

I’m proud of the fact that we work with so many different suppliers, allowing us to provide a very diverse customer base with a wide range of products.

Michel Janssen

Manager Finance & IT

I enjoy optimising the various financial processes with the Finance team as our contribution to the operating results.

Customer Service & Sales Support

Marloes van Steendelaar

Customer Service & Sales Support

I love being part of a great team. It’s all hands on deck to make sure orders are handled correctly from start to finish.

Finance en HR

Annemarie Nijhof


It’s always an interesting challenge to think along with customers and achieve a satisfactory solution for everyone.

Hennie de Boer

I want the best outcome for both the employer and the employees. Interests can conflict on occasion; the challenge is to figure out arrangements that are correct and fair to both parties.

Ricardo van Steeg


Achieving progress in the areas of automation and analysis can be a challenge, but also very rewarding.

Purchasing & Logistics

Jan van Zeumeren


I’m proud to be driving our splendid lorries and consider it a challenge to ensure that all the orders are delivered on time.

Joerie de With


We have such a variety of customers – every one of our delivery rounds is different. When all the customers have their orders in on time, that’s when I’m happy!

Melvin de Boer

Purchasing & Logistics

It can be a great puzzle to get all the raw materials and products delivered at the proper moment; solving that puzzle is a fun challenge!

Warehouse en Quality Control

Lisanne van Zwam

Quality control

Our customers deserve the best quality. I enjoy working on this every day. It is challenging and varied work in a warm company.

Sven van Asselt