Pets and exotics


We are always aiming to try and replicate the natural diet of wild animals, including carnivores, as closely as possible. The digestive system of dogs and cats is not very different from that of wolves or wild cats. These carnivorous pets thrive best with a diet composed of raw animal protein. Feeding raw meat products has grown in popularity in recent years and within Kiezebrink the production of these feeds has grown into the largest part of the business.

In addition to our own brands; KB RAW ( and Alaska Natural Petfood (, we also produce private labels for various customers from The Netherlands and abroad.

We would like to refer customers from the United Kingdom to our UK branch: Kiezebrink UK. Kiezebrink UK is active on the UK market, as a leading supplier of food for exotic animals and frozen products for dogs and cats. For more information please visit:

We use the feed-raw-right logo on our packaging, to remind customers that our raw products must be used in the right way. contains guidelines that are important for handling raw food and feeding it to dogs and cats.


We also have an extensive range of food for exotic animals such as reptiles and birds of prey.


Many reptile species are carnivorous. These species eat prey in the wild to meet their nutritional needs. Kiezebrink supplies frozen prey in all shapes and sizes – perfect within the diet of carnivorous reptiles. For example, we sell various rodents, rabbits, poultry, fish and insects.

For omnivorous and herbivorous reptiles, we offer dry feeds, browse and frozen fruit.

Birds of prey

In the wild, raptors and owls hunt all kinds of prey such as: birds, small mammals, fish, reptiles, insects and amphibians. Kiezebrink supplies various frozen prey animals, enabling the natural diet to be simulated as closely as possible. For example, we sell day-old chicks, various rodents, rabbits, poultry, fish and insects.

Behind the scenes

At Kiezebrink we work from three different production departments.

Pet food

We produce our high-quality raw food products at this location. We mince the raw materials, mix the correct recipe and fill the mixture into sausages. These sausages are frozen in a blast freezer as quickly as possible to maintain the quality. In addition to sausages, we also pack whole products in bags. By using high-quality ingredients and regular checks, we guarantee good quality. This allows you to safely feed our products to your animals.


We sell frozen rodents in all shapes and sizes. These are carefully checked and sorted, after which they are packaged and labeled. By making the process as efficient as possible and working in controlled conditions, high quality is guaranteed. In addition to our own brand Blijkie, we also produce private labels for various customers at home and abroad.

Day-old chicks

We collect more than a million day-old chicks from hatcheries every week. These are  cockerel chicks, which cannot be used in the egg-laying industry and are not suitable for meat production. These chicks are checked and sorted in our chick department, after which they are quickly frozen in blast freezers. Due to this strictly controlled process, we are able to supply high quality frozen day-old chicks.


All orders are prepared in our warehouse. This warehouse has 3,500 m3 of cold storage and a large dry-feed area. Loading docks make it easy to load and unload our refrigerated lorries while constantly monitoring the quality and temperature.