Mission & vision

Mission vision

Focus on Food - Exotic Animal Feeds and Raw Food Diets.

As our mission describes, we are focused on food. Our goal is to ensure that animals can be fed as naturally as possible. Our vision is therefore: "The development, production and supply of healthy and responsible animal nutrition to the highest level of quality and service along with the provision of informed nutritional advice".

In addition to our mission and vision, we also have a number of core values ​​that are important to our company.

Long-term customer relationships

We strive to build a long-term and personal relationship with our customers. That is why we like to be in contact with our customers and try work alongside them.

Innovation and renewal

We think innovation and renewal are very important! Our nutritionists are in contact with customers to stay up to date with developments in the industry. As a member of the EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) we are closely involved with zoos and aware of the latest developments in animal nutrition and husbandry.

Our aim is to provide an optimal and relevant range, which is why we are constantly working on product development. When developing new products, we work closely with our customers, veterinarians and universities. We are progressive in the use of new raw materials, such as insects.


Sustainability is important to us at Kiezebrink! When developing our business sustainable aspects are always considered and included when possible. We use our own solar power as sustainable energy and heat recovery from our freezer compressors to generate free hot water for washing and cleaning. Another example of a sustainable adaptation is that our trucks have been running on blue diesel since 2020. This has reduced emissions of……%. These are innovations which we are keen to adopt and contribute to us living in a more sustainable world.