The establishment of Kiezebrink

Kiezebrink is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2020!

Join us as we relive the evolution of Kiezebrink ‘Focus on Food’, in the timeline below.

  • Renovation of HEO31 location

    Our raw feed production rose to as high as 40 tonnes a week in 2020, meaning our production location was in urgent need of an update. We therefore thoroughly renovated our HEO31 location in 2020. The building is now fully up to date, enabling better quality, hygiene and more efficient production.

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  • Launch of dry exotic animal feed production

    Previously, all dry feeds developed by Kiezebrink were produced by external suppliers. This came to an end in 2019 with the purchase of a mill for the production of various milled feeds. The mill has been used for the manufacturing of various DK Zoological feeds ever since.

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  • New HEO50 warehouse and office expansion

    Our company’s growth meant our old warehouse was now too small. It was time for a fourth building at Hoge Eng Oost, with ample warehouse space and 700 m2 of cold storage. The building also included several offices and a reception area for our customer service department.

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  • Launch of our own KB RAW raw feed brand

    Ever since Kiezebrink began producing raw feed, we have also sold our own products. However, these were always sold under the Kiezebrink name. As our product quality and selection grew along with our company, the time had come for the establishment of our own raw feed brand and associated website; KB RAW. For more information, see

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  • New HEO52a rodent division

    As the demand for rodents also continued to grow, we added a new building on Hoge Eng Oost in 2014. The location is used to sort rats and mice by size and package them in various ways. In 2019 this division was equipped with a new sorting machine. This machine sorts rats and mice precisely by weight, increasing the efficiency of the process as a whole.

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  • Launch of Animal Food Express online retail business

    To be able to offer retail customers proper service and attention, we set up an online shop in 2014; Animal Food Express. In addition to Kiezebrink’s own line of products, this online shop offers a generous selection of other raw feed brands. Orders are delivered to the customer’s door deep-frozen, a convenience that is appreciated by growing numbers of customers. For more information, see

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  • Launch of own DK Zoological brand for zoos

    Kiezebrink developed our first own dry feed in 2012; the beginning of our DK Zoological brand. Kiezebrink’s nutritionists work closely with vets and zoos to develop high-quality products based on the animals’ natural diet. In the meantime, DK Zoological has grown into a brand that offers an extensive selection of specialist exotic animal feeds.

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  • Launch of Blijkie, rodents packed in boxes

    Kiezebrink’s innovations encompass the rodent market as well. To better serve the consumer market, we created our ‘Blijkie’ brand. The rodents’ attractive packaging in small boxes soon made this a popular brand at pet stores.

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  • Launch of Alaska Natural Petfood

    In 2009 we created the Alaska Natural Petfood brand in partnership with Peys Doggyfood. This premium brand distinguishes itself through high-quality products for dogs and cats.

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  • New HEO31 location and beginning of raw food production

    Around this time, more and more existing and potential customers were asking whether Kiezebrink could also supply meat, bones and organs. This inspired us to start producing raw frozen dog and cat food. Through the years, Kiezebrink has grown into a leading producer of own brand and private label raw foods.

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  • Beginning of zoological product line expansion

    Zoos were already frequent purchasers of our day-old chicks and rodents. In 2007 Kiezebrink brought nutritionist Michiel Derks on board and started expanding our line of products, becoming a leading European supplier of exotic animal nutrition.

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  • Bird flu & addition of rodents

    The 2003 bird flu and associated eight months’ poultry transport ban posed a serious threat to Kiezebrink’s continued existence, as we specialised in sales of male chicks. Luckily, we made it through, but these events clearly demonstrated a need to diversify. Kiezebrink therefore began trading in rodents as well from then on.

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  • Launch of Kiezebrink UK

    In 2000 Hanno took over the British company DA Poultry Products, the start of Kiezebrink UK (KUK). In addition to providing local one-day chicks for the British market, KUK also acts as a wholesale distributor for products offered by Kiezebrink Netherlands. As of 2015 KUK is headed by Alasdair Gordon. Alasdair’s appointment has allowed KUK to establish itself as a leading supplier of exotic animal feeds and frozen products for dogs and cats on the British market. For more information, see

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  • New construction of chicks division at Hoge Eng Oost (HEO44)

    The company’s formidable growth had created a need for more space in which to pack and freeze the male chicks. To meet this demand, our first building on Putten’s industrial estate was constructed in 1997. This building was equipped with a shock freezer, ideally suited to flash freezing one-day chicks for better quality.

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  • Hanno Kiezebrink begins trade in one-day chicks

    The Kiezebrink name has been associated with poultry farming for generations. The Kiezebrink company was established in 1990 when Hanno Kiezebrink decided on a change of direction. After ten years of sexing chicks, he felt it was time for something new and began packaging and selling male chicks for use as animal feed. Thanks to the demand for frozen day-old chicks by zoos and keepers of exotic animals, the company was off to a great start.

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