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DK Aquatic Carnivore gel & DK Aquatic Herbivore gel

DK Aquatic gels: specially developed for fish and turtles. 

We have developed two variants:

DK Aquatic Carnivore Gel

- With high protein and fat content
- Contains various high-quality animal protein sources
- Contains sustainable raw materials such as insect meal and krill meal

DK Aquatic Herbivore Gel

- With a higher fibre content
- Contains natural food sources such as seaweed and spirulina

By mixing the powder with water, you can easily make a gel. This can be spread on stones in the aquarium, for example, to allow fish to eat in a very natural way.

Both gels are bound with gum, so they can be prepared with cold water. Very practical and fast! For omnivorous fish, both products can be combined.

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