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DK Red Panda Hi-fibre diet

Red pandas have a special diet. Although they are carnivores, in nature they mainly eat bamboo. They therefore have a high fibre requirement. However, their natural diet is not entirely plant-based and they sometimes eat insects, small lizards and bird eggs from nests. We have therefore developed a special product for pandas, tailored to their specific dietary needs.

This product is a powder to which water must be added to form a cake. The soft structure ensures good acceptance, especially for pandas used to cakes in their diet. 

DK Red Panda Hi-fibre:

- Contains a high fibre content with a coarse structure
- Contains insect meal and egg powder, based on the low levels of animal protein in the natural diet
- Is free from soya and palm oil
- Is bound by gum and is therefore easy and quick to prepare with cold water


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