Cooperation Kiezebrink - Mazuri


As a European importer of NutraZu we have a couple of products in our assortment such as the Softbill and Tortoise diets. We import these products from America and they originate from the US company PMI Nutrition International.

Until recently, many products from UK-based Mazuri Zoo Foods (Dietex International) were available in the European market until this company closed down a few months ago.

As a result, PMI, who manufactures Mazuri US products (complete feeds, supplements and tablets) has purchased the rights to sell under the Mazuri name brand in the UK & EU.  Because of this change, the NutraZu name will be replaced with the Mazuri US name brand throughout Europe and the UK.  Nothing will change about the products themselves, only the brand name and packaging.

This acquisition by PMI will also enable us to import more Mazuri US products that may be of interest to the European market. If you are interested in any of the Mazuri US's products, then please let us know so we can see what possibilities there are to import these products.

You will find a list of the products and an announcement letter from Mazuri US via the links below.

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