Future of day-old chicks

There is a lot going on in the day-old chick market. Since October 2020 we have seen that many roosters are being reared. However, there is already a lot of discussion about the "CO2 footprint" that this development entails. In addition, technological developments regarding the sexing of the eggs have been further developed. The 1st hatchery where we get the day old chicks already has a machine that can recognize the sex on the 9th day of the incubation process "in OVO". Both developments entail a substantial increase in costs that must be covered by the sale of eggs. As a result of these developments, we see a decline in the supply of day-old chicks.

Despite these developments, we expect to be able to continue offering day-old chicks in the coming years. The Netherlands is a major exporter of day old-laying chicks (30-40% of total production in the Netherlands). The price of a laying hen whose eggs have been sexed are so high that it is not attractive for export. The roosters will therefore remain available for export chicks as long as this is legally permitted. The supply of day-old chicks will decrease, but they will not disappear for the time being. In addition, as Kiezebrink, we have been working with partners in a European context for years and we look at where chicks are available for which market. This cooperation makes it possible that we can compensate for any shortages with deliveries from other sources.

We are in close contact with our local hatcheries as well as with European day-old chicks producers. We do everything in our power to defend your position as a keeper of exotic animals, including at the political level, and promote the importance of “the need for high-quality prey animals”. You can rely on us as a partner for your interests!

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