New! KB Complete Insect/Veggie/Meat

We have added a new variant to the KB Complete range. The special thing about this new product is that it also contains vegetables! We made this addition to make the product more sustainable. In addition to being a more sustainable raw material, these specially selected vegetables are also a good source of vitamins, minerals and fibre. In addition to vegetables, this product also contains 33% insects (black soldier fly larvae), this is an animal protein source that can be obtained a lot more sustainably than other protein sources. This is because insects:

  • Need little space
  • Growing quickly and efficiently
  • Can grow on organic residual flows
  • Do not produce methane

With this product you make your dog's menu a little more sustainable!

Composition: 33% Insect (BSF), 28% Turkey; 15% back, 13% neck, 15% Beef heart, 15% Vegetable mix (chard, endive, courgette, bean sprouts, parsnip), 1% salmon oil

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