New primate feeds

We would like to inform you about some changes in our dry food range. There are a number of products which we will be discontinuing because Dodson & Horrell have decided to stop producing their primate range. Because these products are widely used by our customers, we have recently been working on the development of a number of new products which we can offered as alternatives. Therefore, we can still offer you an appropriate range of primate diets. The diagram below shows which products discontinue, and which alternatives will be available. We also explain in the text below the new product attributes and which product they replace.

We have 500 g samples available for free. Please send us an email if you wish to receive samples.




New: DK037 - DK New World Primate (15 kg bag)

Replacement for: NZ100 - D&H Plathyrhine (New World Primate) & DK018 - DK Frusect

We already had a product in our range for new world primates: DK018 - DK Frusect. However, this was a pressed pellet, of which the palatability wasn’t always good. With an extruded pellet, the palatability is generally better. Due to this significant difference in these products, we did not see DK Frusect as an ideal replacement for the D&H Plathyrhine. As a result, we have chosen to adapt the DK Frusect to an extruded pellet which is now called DK New World Primate. The composition and analysis have remained (almost) the same as the DK Frusect.

New: DK039 - Maintenance Hi-fibre (15 kg bag)

Replacement for: NZ106 - D&H Maintenance Cube for primates & NZ107 - D&H Browser Cube for Primates

The differences between these two Dodson & Horrell products isn’t significant, therefore we decided to develop a single alternative for these. This alternative is also an extruded pellet. Among other things, this pellet has a high fibre content due to the addition of coarse alfalfa. This is reflected in the coarse and light structure of this pellet.

New: MD100 Zoo-Line Old Wolrd Monkey  (15 kg bag)

Replacement for: NZ106 - D&H Maintenance Cube for primates

This product is a new product of the Zoo Line brand. It is a pressed pellet which is very suitable as a maintenance pellet, for example for baboons and macaques.

New: DK038 - Leaf-eater Basic (15 kg bag)

Replacement for: NZ102 - Folivore (Leaf-eater)

This product is an extruded pellet. The composition and analysis are very similar to the D&H Folivore. Due to the choice of raw materials and shape, this product is cheaper than the DK Leaf eater Small and DK Leaf eater Large.

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