Tortoise diet vs. Tortoise diet LS

We have two different variants of tortoise diets from Mazuri in our assortment. Tortoise diet is the most well-known variant, a very popular product for tortoises. In addition two this diet we do have a a new variant: Tortoise diet LS. But what is the difference?

In short, compared to Tortoise diet LS, the "normal" Tortoise diet contains less starch and a higher fiber content. LS therefore stands for Low Starch. This makes it more suitable for true herbivorous tortoises, whereas 'normal' Tortoise diet is also recommended for more omnivorous species. Below is a summary of which foods are recommended for which species.

Tortoise diet:

Burmese or Indian Star Tortoise, Elongated Tortoise, Red-footed Tortoise, Adult Box Turtles and Wood Turtles.

Tortoise diet LS:

Aldabra, African Spurred/Sulcata, Desert, Egyptian, Galapagos, Gopher, Greek, Leopard, Pancake and Radiated tortoise.

More information can be found on the data sheet:

Data sheet Tortoise diet

Data sheet Tortoise diet LS

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