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Rhino poaching is declining in South Africa, but so are the population numbers

According to the latest figures from the South African Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries, fewer than 400 rhinoceroses were poached in South Africa last year. This number has been declining for a number of years, and has even fallen by a third compared to 2019.

While this is a very welcome drop, the full and devastating scale of the poaching crisis was revealed in a report published by the South African National Parks. The report found that the total population of rhinoceroses in Kruger National Park, the stronghold of southern white rhinoceroses for the past few decades, has declined by as much as 59% since 2013. Today, there are only 3,529 white rhinoceroses and 268 black rhinoceroses left in the park. Kruger is still home to the world's largest rhino population, but these numbers clearly show how vulnerable rhino populations are.

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