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  • Our volume discount (>900 kg) applies to orders with a total weight of more than 900 kg. You are not obliged to buy 900 kg or more of a single product, though – the volume discount is valid for a combination of products. 

    Given the wide range available, we do not hold all types of dry food in our standard inventory. Deliveries may therefore take a little longer. If you require certain products on a regular basis, just let us know. We can then ensure we hold those products in stock for you.


    Milk Matrix 33/40

    Price per: 2.25 kg bag

    Order quantity: 2.25 kg bag

    Milk Matrix 42/25

    Price per: 2.25 kg bucket

    Order quantity: 2.25 kg bucket

    Multi Milk 30/52

    Price per: 6.8 kg bucket

    Order quantity: 6.8 kg bucket